Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Commercial Solar Power

With more and more businesses installing solar panels on their premises, we looked at some of the top benefits offered by commercial solar power.

1. Financial savings

One of the biggest reasons most businesses choose commercial solar power is the financial gain to be had. Most businesses that have a high energy consumption such as agriculture, distribution, logistics and food production can save the most energy. Not only bigger businesses can save the most but also smaller business with limited energy consumption.

2. Income from solar

The government subsidy and incentives given to those businesses that embrace solar power pays allows companies to get more income and profits. Businesses also get more electricity that they can sell back to the grid and be paid for that.

3. Energy security

A well designed and installed commercial solar PV system can help any business establishment become energy independent. This means that these businesses can stop relying on the national grid which sometimes challenged by regular blackouts. That said, commercial solar panels offer businesses energy security at a fixed rate.

4. More Electricity at around 5p/kWh

Solar energy provides more energy at around 5p/kWh. Solar power is also warranted to last for several years up to 100 years. They provide a high return on investment of between 12% and 16% and payback of six to eight years.

5. Monitoring solar power

Commercial solar power installers provide reliable solar power monitoring software. These software monitors your solar power and provides a live feed of the amount of solar energy your system is generating for your business. Available on your tablet, mobile phone or desktop, this software can track daily savings, output, performance and environmental benefits.

6. Tax benefits

Commercial solar power is classed by many governments as plant and machinery. Because of this reason, it can be eligible for tax reduction and capital allowances. For instance, in the United Kingdom, the capital cost for installing solar power can be written off against the company’s profits in the first year.

6. Energy requirements are increasing

It is true that demand for electricity is increasing across the world. Individuals nowadays work longer hours than they used to in the past. Some of the reasons for this change is the increased expectations from customers and employees. Obviously, these individuals require electricity to accomplish their tasks which increase the demand for electricity. This, in turn, increases the price for national electricity grid further. To overcome these challenges, some companies are investing in commercial solar power. They also do so to avoid being exposed to ever increasing prices. Installing commercial solar panels on their premises means that employees will be able to use less energy while producing more.

7. Green credentials

Commercial solar power hugely improves any business’ green credentials. For safety reasons, many customers are asking manufacturers to prove that they are going green by reducing carbon emission. To maintain their clients, many people install solar power which helps their businesses to reduce carbon emissions by a massive a greater percent.

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